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Coniston has always been one of my favourite places in the Lakes, but also in general! I have fond childhood memories here from holiays at my grandparents house & we are still making more together to this day. Everytime I see the lake stretching below the forest, with the fells shaping the valley it sits in, I am mesmorised - just like I am seeing it for the first time all over again! Truly magical!

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I always thought that Crummock Water looked lovely from photographs & paintings I'd seen, but when visiting for the first time I was blown away with how stunning this area is! I really enjoyed sitting by the edge of the water whilst listening to the water gently lapping against rocky outcrops! This is probably controversial but I prefer it here than the neighbouring Buttermere!

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Resting below one of the popular walks in Kendal, this area is a little slice of peace away from the hustle & bustle of town life! On my adventures here, I've stumbled across overgrown footpaths leading to hidden benches & bluebell carpets during spring! I love wandering up here & just taking the time to appreciate the simple beauty of this area whilst the sound of footsteps echo from the other side.

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There is such a variety of terrains up on Farleton Knott to explore that each time I have visited I've found new paths that take you across the several areas forming the Knott. For a more adventurous walk, you can walk along the very edge of the craggy Holmepark Fell which overlooks the Kent Estuary & beyond. Whatever route you take, it allows for fantastic views over Lancashire & Cumbria.

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I visited here on my first trip to Northern Ireland in 2018 & luckily we were blessed with warm & bright weather that day! The sunshine brought out the rich colours created a  mediterranean vibe to the coastline! I really enjoyed crossing the rope bridge onto one of the small islands as it is something I wouldn't normally do! I really hope to visit this area of Northern Ireland again!

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I love visiting 'ruins' as I think they are an interesting slice of history remaining in the modern world. Furness Abbey is filled to the brim with history which is evident as you wander under archways & through old corridors that still stand after all these years! My favourite thing about here is the amount of detail which is still evident in the stonework,particularly the details in the arches! History lovers must visit!

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I love this area as there is so much to explore hidden into such a small space, particularly the woodlands that surround the small village! There is also plenty of interesting places to visit in amongst the trees, such as High Dam Tarn or the structure of the Tower resting at the top of Finsthwaite Heights. All these walks were clearly signposted which allows you to take in all the fantastic scenery!

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Despite living close by, it is only recently that I have properly explored Silverdale's coastline as we usually visited the neighbouring Arnside! After having a proper wander along the shore & the rural coastline one day, I couldn't resist popping back several times that month! It's really nice to see that majority of this coastline & surrounding woodland areas are open to the general public!

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I think Stainton is a fantastic little place to visit on walks as you have plenty of options on where to venture! I visited here regularly when at my old house, my favourite area in particular was the little pathway fowllowing the stainton beck as it has a crossing that takes you underneath the functioning part of the Lancaster canal! There are also countless footpaths through the fields taking you in every direction!

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Many people seem to prefer the neighbouring Scout Scar, but as soon as I stepped onto Cunswick Scar it instantly became my favourite local walk! I feel there is much more variety in the terrain and the types of trees/shrubbery which mark out the path towards the edge of the scar. The views of the Lakeland fells are also clearer from here, particularly the beautiful fells around the Langdales!

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When I lived in Wales, I moved to Pontypridd for a while whilst at university. I really appreciated having quaint & peaceful areas on my doorstep for those revision breaks, especially The Common when there was a stunning sunset! I also appreciated the rich history in this area, from the mining history to the stone circle resting above Pontypridd with clear views of the River Taff.

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From the castle there are 360° views of Kendal to be taken in, especially when you climb parts of the castle! Although small in comparison to most ruins, I like that Kendal Castle still has parts which visitors can interact with & all benches in the area are placed to ensure wonderful views of the castle & beyond! I also love that the surrounding area is filled with small clumps of woodland to explore!