Oct&Nov: Hello There, Autumn!

Well, these last couple of months have certainly flown by, probably why I've forgotten to write a separate post for October last month! A lot of the photography tasks I have been doing the last month or two have been focusing on 'behind the scenes' such as tweaking the website and adding lots of new features! Majority of these I'm sure will go unnoticed as they were tiny details but I feel happy that the site is in order! I've also been working quite a lot (again!) to get money for Christmas, but I have made time to catch up with old friends, see one of my favourite bands and finally got to meet my wee 'nephew' for the first time after he arrived into the world 3 months early!

At the beginning of October my mother and I went to Coniston to see my Grandad who was feeling under the weather and to take him treats to make him feel better. Whilst we were at the house the rain was pouring down but there were some amazing rainbows above Coniston Water which I couldn't resist going out under an umbrella with my camera to capture! My grandparents house is below the Old Man and overlooks the majority of the lake across to Brantwood, so whatever the weather, the view is fantastic! The rainbow soon made its away towards the Coppermines which were peeking through thick fog. It was great to practise with such different elements within one photograph, and especially to capture the glorious tones of the Coppermines themselves! When we were on our way back home, the weather had cleared up so we decided to have a little walk around Yew Tree Tarn. All the trees were turning and it created such beautiful reflections in the tarn. I'm really happy with the photographs I got here, so check them out and let me know what you think!

It's been really nice to visit a couple of 'old haunts' with my mum and her friend Cheryl, and these included a wander around Sizergh and the Hincaster trail. Something new always catches my eye whenever I visit somewhere I've regularly walked so I think it's wonderful that there's a guarantee of a photograph or two in these places! The Hincaster trail is a particular favourite, the hint is in the name because it is a beautiful little woodland walk along the old Lancaster canal, ending at the tunnel named after the village. One section of this walk has ornaments and statues placed amongst the trees which adds to mystic and peaceful feeling of the little woods despite being next to a road!

I've been wanting to retake photographs of Kendal Castle as I'm not particularly happy with the ones I have previously taken, and partially due to the fact I have a new camera and last time I visited it was with a simple point and shoot camera! When two university friends from down south were in the area, I took the opportunity to 'show them the sights of Kendal' and took them up to the Castle! The view from the castle allows a 360 degree view of the town, as well as both the Lake District fells and the Howgills stretching across the horizon. I'm really happy with the photos I took of the castle that day, and it was lovely to have a wander round whilst catching up with my friends! After we visited the castle, we visited a local coffee house for a brew before catching the bus back home!

In the Christmas 'spirit', me and mum decided to head into Carlisle to do some Christmas shopping and have a general nosey around the town. Carlisle is somewhere we haven't explored much or in a long time, in the past I have been to a daytime festival by the castle and shopping with friends a long time ago so I was excited to visit with a camera at hand! Before we went shopping we headed towards the castle and Bitts Park, we decided not visit inside the castle as it was quite a sunny day (rare in November!) and walked around the outer wall instead. Bitts Park was my favourite part of the day as it was full of autumnal colours with beautiful paths lined with elegant trees which was fun to try out different forms of composition in my photographs. There is part of the park which made us both feel like we were abroad rather than in Cumbria due to the way the plants and trees had been planted with their vibrant colours, I think the tranquility of the park and that we were the only ones there also added to this feeling!

Over the last 2 months I have been working on this website a lot, mostly regarding the online shop I will be properly 'announcing' in the new year, but some of you may have noticed the tab is available now for you all to take a sneak peak! I have also been looking through and sorting a lot of my photographs, and have been collecting a lot of my 'miscellaneous' photographs together to see if there are enough for its own page on the site. A lot of these photographs have been posted on my personal instagram over the past or are images tucked away on my computer. These include street photography, wildlife, and my attempts at being 'arty' when it comes to graffiti, cacti and crystals. I definitely want to expand my photography abilities and in particular practice my street and portrait photography! The rest of the website updating has been pretty boring tasks like editing captions with the correct product codes for ordering products in the shop or watermarking images that appear elsewhere on the site other than the galleries, however I have made sure that the site has been kept up to date with any new images I have taken of course!

So please take a look through the website and let me know what you think!